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The Old Car Manual Project: Old Iron Online

This is the place for American cars before 1980. Brochures, classic ads, manuals and pictures you can find it here.
The Chevrolet place by Keith Hardy
The site from David Marques. All Muscle Car brochures, pictures history and more.
Atecs site
The site from Boros Atilla from Voytek
The site from Anders de Lange
Andre Le Roux just have a look at his great site.
 Carfolio the site from Zak.


The works of Art Fitzpatrick and Van Kaufman on the Japanese Pontiac Web Site


Nice sites you should visit.        
Dodge Dart Advertisements & Brochures        
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Dodge Diplomat - Farley's Page

  The Vector Files    
The Citroen Connection
Camaro Statistical & Reference Information      
    the K - F Club