September 2006 Updates

September 30th

Chrysler 2006

September 29th

Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint 1962

September 28th

Mini 2006


September 27th

Jeep 2006

September 25th

Moskvitch 1964

A contribution from Jury.

September 24th

Lincoln Continental 1968

A contribution from John.

September 23rd

Cadillac 1971

A contribution from John.

September 22nd

Renault Alpine 1972

A contribution from Tilman.


Alfa Romeo 75 1990

Chrysler 1992

Opel 1981

Jeep Commander 2006

Maserati Quattroporte 1998

Lancia 1995

Links from fredelandsvennen

Buick 1967

Links from Tocmp

September 21st

Mercedes 280

A contribution from Bela.

September 20th

Chevrolet Chevelle 1970

A contribution from David.

Sira Ford Allrad

A contribution from Hans.


September 18th

Landwind 2005

September 17th

Imperial 1961

Contributions from Howard

September 10th

Ford Station Wagons 1956

Dkw 3=6 1956

Humber Snipe 1949

Jeep FC 150 1956

Contributions from Howard

Goliath 1956

Fiat 1800-2400

Mercedes 190

Contributions from Niels

September 9th


A contribution from Jury Orlov.


September 6th

Chevrolet Corvette 2006




Ford Popular

A contribution from Uorlov.

Pontiac Wave

A contribution from Craig.

September 5th

Pontiac 1960

A contribution from David.

Pontiac 1960

A contribution from Howard.

Here's a link from Cars. Not about brochures but funny and nice to see what Disney/Pixar can do with cars.


1983 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Lusso

A link from Anders de Lange. Also check out the site from Anders:

September 4th

Hummer 2006

A contribution from Tilman.

September 3rd

Chevrolet Corvette 1955

A contribution from Howard


September 2nd

Toyopet Line 1959

Toyopet Crown 1959

A contribution from Howard

September 1st

Dodge Challenger 1970

A contribution from David.

Autobianchi A112 1977

Buick 1955

Chevrolet Nova 1974

Chrysler Cordoba 1981

Chrysler 5th Avenue 1987

Chrysler Sunbeam 1978

Fiat Argenta 1982

Ginetta 1991

Lancia HPE 1983

Lancia Gamma Coupe 1977

Maserati 228 1988

Range Rover 1993

Renault 1997

Suncar 1981

TVR 1988

Volvo 480 1994

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