The  Test Drive

Imagine that Citroen just gave the chance to make a test drive in their new XM ( hmm think how many years back this happened ).
Younger and impatience as I was I wanted to make a test drive as well.
What model would you like? The 4 or 6 cylinder? Since my Plymouth was a 6 cylinder, I wanted a 6 cylinder. After a copy of my license
I did get the keys and was ready for take of. How smooth everything was running.., mmm and the smell of a new car. Citroen had made a
new system on this XM. When taking a corner the car would stay leveled like the road, problem was that taking a corner you expect the
car to tilt a bit and so is your body. Resuming in me hanging in the direction of the taken corner and the car just stayed flat like there was no corner.
The car was so smooth, almost no sounds at all ( well compared to my old Plymouth ). You know the effect of driving your car for years?
You just know how fast you're going by the sound the engine is making. Driving in another car will take time to learn the sound of this engine.
Before I knew I was doing speeds in within the city...these days they will take your license here for going 50Km faster above the speed limit.
So..50 Kmh ( 31 Mph ) is the speed limit within the city. When I finally looked at the speedometer I was going 140 Kmh (88Mph ).
I never have been so glad that there was no police at the time.
The car was doing great, but finding out with what speed I was going made me feel not that good. Thinking about the possible effects it could have
I quickly drove back to the dealer.


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