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Not a strange story but more the way how it happened was.
Just sitting yesterday one o clock figuring out what we could do the question how far is Paris came up. About 300 Miles. What is the
speed limit?  80 Mph. Not that far....Why not? And so we grabbed our passports and went for Paris.
The Toll road was quiet and by staying on the left lane with a steady 100 Mph we arrived quicker than expected but also in an unbelievable traffic jam.
Paris is indeed very busy. Almost impossible to find a car without dents. The climax of it all is the Arc' de Triomphe where you actually need a set of extra eyes in the back of your head. Just push your way trough seems to be the way. We did fine since driving in the Netherlands has become more aggressive but it still  took almost 2 hours to park the car in the centre.
After a quick bite I noticed the Renault building with it's special history about Formula 1. I'm not really into Formula 1 but always nice to see especially when
it is a special event.
Walking trough Paris you understand why all cars have dents. See the pictures below!! A Smart is a tiny car but how on earth can you get a car parked like that?

Anyway after dinner on the Champs- Elysees, seeing the Eifel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and other highlights we arrived back home 13 hours later (and 600 Miles).

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