The worst car I've ever bought must have been the BMW 315. Looking at it the car looked perfect. Perfect paint and interior. After a first test drive, the seats felt like they were just made for me, I was sold. After some bargaining I bought the car.

The first few months it was indeed the perfect car. Then the misery began. First the dashboard lights just gave up. I made something from LED's and that was not the perfect but a fine solution. After that the brakes started to make some problems. It seemed that I lost a great deal of brake fluid just in a few weeks. There was no indication of a leak what so ever and that made it a bit difficult for me. Somehow I started to doubt the reliability of BMW in general.

Here we have to pay road tax. The heavier the car the more you pay. On top of that you have to pay more when you drive a diesel or natural gas (lpg) engine compared to a car with a normal gas engine. This BMW had also lpg installed. Actually I had to pay the higher price for road tax but my wallet didn't allow it and since you couldn't see the special filling cap from the outside I just "forgot" to mention that. But the guys from the road department where more clever than I expected and they fined me for what I should pay and an extra bonus fine as a kind of compliment.

After I paid the double fine of close to a $ 1000 I really started to doubt if the BMW had been a good choice. That same week also the oil level got very low. Looking in the mirror I knew what was the problem. A leak....after checking the engine coolant, that didn't look like water anymore but more like a kind of slick I knew I had the get rid of the car immediately.

The first people who came for the car wanted to make a test drive. The day before the test drive I filled the engine with "winners" some kind of miracle stuff that worked fine before, and I wanted to make sure that the engine wouldn't smoke to much.

The BMW must have known that I wanted to sell it because the worst scenario I could imagine came true. They were more than happy how the car looked. Paint, tires and interior where all approved. After a short test drive in a dead end street we had to turn back and drove through a huge cloud of white and blue smoke....the cars smoke. It was cold and no wind and the smoke just stayed there way to long. It was a hell driving trough this smoke curtain that smelled liked oil.....well it was oil.

The driver just said...well it seems like your engine just died.....the words of his friend: Look at that it seems like the new pope has been chosen.

It was funny I laughed but from within I cried. My car just died in front of me.

Repairing  the crack in the engine and the leaking brake system was to much. The price would be astronomical and the car wasn't worth it. I sold the car to a junk yard for a  $ 100. Calculating how big the loss was I just promised myself never to buy a BMW again.



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