Not much better

Looking back at the cars my parents used to have: An Ami 6, DKW Junior, Simca 1000, Daf 33, another Simca 1000, Peugeot 204, Renault 12,

Chevrolet Citation ( may sound strange right now but it was the best car they ever had ), Volvo 440 GTi and now a Citroen BX you would think that I wouldn't make the same mistakes as my parents did by buying wrong cars. I did a bit better but history seems to repeat it self somehow.

One of these mistakes was a Fiat Uno. I bought this car because I needed something the next day. So what can you find in a few hours for only little money? Well not much but I found a Fiat. I the beginning it was a good car without rust but that changed quickly because there was no garage to put it in. You could watch the rust grow by the day. The rust became a hole and finally there was a hole in the door where the New York Telephone Book easily would fit in.  

I used the car for my work but the people I went to asked me park the car somewhere else as long it wasn't on their drive way....they noticed before I did that the car was leaking oil. We have no mountains in the Netherlands only a few hills. Even that was to much. The car would get spontaneous hick ups going up hill, trucks passing, me only praying that I still could get home.

When I felt that my life was in danger every day I started complaining to my employer. The misery every morning of how to start the car, depending on the weather, and even more the question will it start?  was over. What an improvement...a company car.

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