A leaking roof?

As a child a was ashamed for only one car we ever had. The Daf 33. No offence to the people who have one now as an oldtimer, but in those days ( early 70's ) it was a car without any image. It couldn't go fast, didn't look cool....it wasn't the car in your personal top 10 or even top 50. The only nice thing about this car was the variomatic. It had no gearbox. Just a belt that which was variable so the car never had to shift to another gear. That made it possible that it could take off at a green light very quickly...that is to say compared to other cars from that time. Most times leaving every other car far behind you....who would pass in time to leave you behind due to the low top speed. In my eyes it was a car for old people and most times old people were driving in a Daf.

Anyway the car seemed solid and reliable. One day my grandmother would come with us and when she stepped into the car she pushed one of her very pointy high heels through the bottom of the car just behind the right front wheel. She just said sorry leaving my father behind with a minor heart-attack No problem, though the car was old, it was still safe.

Some weeks after this happened the director of my father was also in the car on a rainy day. The man was bald and he felt water falling on is head and told my father that the roof was leaking. Just put your shoe on the hole was my fathers answer. And so he did. The water was launched from the wheel into the hole directly to the roof.

After this happened we soon got a better car.....not much of an improvement but a Simca 1000 had a better image than the Daf.

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