Towed out by the police

2 years ago I got a brand new company car. A Volkswagen Caddy Tdi. Actually the wrong type..the Sdi would have been faster.

The car was smaller than the previous Peugeot Partner I had but it was new, and a new car has something strange sounds and a nice smell. For those of you who have or did have a company know that you drive a bit different than with you own car. After a few weeks the car felt better and since I had to drive so much there came a point I thought I could do anything with the car.

Just around the corner from my home there was a construction site. No street nothing at all only steel plates that could carry the trucks that drove there. Driving there was shorter for me and the more often I drove there the faster I went over those steel plates. After a while a was going very fast expected the plates..but they were not there. I slowed down a bit and that was the mistake. Now the car was getting in the loose sand and  tires started spinning. Before I knew the engine was on the ground and the car buried in the sand to the axle. All I could produce was a fountain of sand.

What can you do in such a situation? I looked for some wooden plates and beams. I tried all material I could find that was scattered over the site. Nothing helped, everything was pushed into the sand and the car was digging it's way in deeper and deeper. After a while just sitting there figuring out what to do a police car drove to me. What are we doing here? We...that is the way the police speaks here even when you're alone. Trying to get out. After a long discussion and new attempts with bricks, plates and beams and a push from the two police man still no progress. I asked to tow me out. We don't have a cable.....I thought that the police should have basic material like this in the car but no. If I could get a cable they would tow me out of the kind of pit the car was in. When I looked at it I thought look at that, just a week old and almost buried alive. The police was called by someone who was complaining about a car that was just standing there....pfff. The complainer should have looked better, the reason was obvious.

A friend who lived close could give me a cable. The police towed me out of the pit. I promised never to drive there again. I actually never did that again, I was afraid that the same thing would happen. During this whole event I was thinking about how to explain to the company how I got stuck there in case nobody could help me. I can tell you that I did sweat a bit during those hours.

In those 3 hours I learned a few things.

1- Don't think that you drive a bigger car than it is...I my case I must have thought it was a 4x4.

2- You find a lot of material that might help but it won't.

3- Sometimes can and will police help you.


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